Benefits Of Using Brain Development Games For Kids

After prolonged research and experiments on the subject; scientists have found out that there are cognitive benefits of brain games and they exert positive effects on the learning brains of children. Considering the requirements of parents looking to foster their loved children, many providers are coming up with brain development games for kids. It has been found that playful behavior helps positive development of the brain of the child.

Results of Animal Experiments

Experiments carried out by researchers and scientists on animals have proved that playing will improve memory and stimulate growth of the cerebral cortex in the anatomic system. The inspiration about brain development games emerged after an interesting paper was published by Mario Diamond exactly 50 years back in 1964. The findings of the neuroscientists were based on experiments conducted on a group of rats. Some of the rats were left in the boring as well as solitary confinement while others were put in exciting and toy filled colonies. It was found that the brain development of rats in toy filled environment was far better and they had much thicker cerebral cortex in comparison.

Ethical Experiments on Kids

Similar ethical experiments were conducted on kids by the scientists and they found that memory games for kids can help develop their brain and analytic powers. Human brains will respond to games and explorations in similar manner as they did in case of the rats. It was found after scientific research that playing and explorations will trigger off secretion of BDNF. The substance BDNF will be essential for the growth of brain cells. One of the ethical ways of finding out the results by testing on the human beings is carrying out similar experiments on human beings as have been carried out on rats.

Increased BDNF Levels

Game playing increases the BDNF levels in the brains of the kids. BDNF is essential for development of cells in the brain and playing and participating in games, especially those involving memory exercises are highly beneficial for the kids. An advantage of the education games and other brain games for the kids is that when the kids are allowed frequent albeit brief opportunities to play in between, they pay much more attention to their academic studies than they would normally do. This is no conjecture or simple assumption but has been scientifically established truth. Bottom line of these is that kids fare much better when they are saved from the ever vigilant eyes of parents and guardians.

A new system is evolving all around the world which is learning by way of playing. Physical education classes cannot be effective substitute for free playing moments that the kids will enjoy the most. That is why brain development games for kids are so effective in developing the personality and cerebral cortex of the kids. Physical exercise can have excellent cognitive benefits but they still cannot deliver the same benefits as the free playing and relaxation. It has been found out by the researchers and scientists that since the physical education classes are too structured, they fail to generate the desired benefits that are generated by brain development games.


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